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Egorapter is good, but not 4.61 good

2008-06-21 20:08:31 by illiriks

Awesome Gaiden.
Current Score: 4.61 / 5.00
What in HELL made another 3.7/4.0 Egoraptor flash get THAT kind of score? Well, i acknowledge that he is a great flash author, i do have him on my favourites, but a 4.61 just is overboard. It is NOT better than MGA2, not better than TSI3, not better than any of teh Unforgotten realms flashes. It would be the highest scoring flash on NG if not for the 100k view for top listing requirement, but it's at 97.5k and growing fast. Please express your thoughts on this.

Egorapter is good, but not 4.61 good


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