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If anyone insults Freddie Mercury one more time....

2008-06-13 17:00:22 by illiriks 1171

He was the vocalist of one of the greatest bands of all time.

The first two comments please me, that someone remembered the guy who sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" with the ausome a capella beginning, how the group rose to fame and stardom, and tore into our heats. No wonder it was locked.


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2008-06-13 17:07:30

well idk who he is srry

but... a really good band is acdc
u wouldent even have the electric guitar if it wasent for them lots of people dont even know that they invented the electric guitar
they also did electirc drums and bandpipe yup their one of the best bands EVER

illiriks responds:

then dont leave a comment


2008-06-13 17:10:30

I actaully would've [osted some smartass comment on this if i didnt know who this was, but really...why do people make fun of the dude so much?

illiriks responds:

I dunno. The only thing I know... *star wars theme song plays* is that this is a great evil. An evil that has to be vanquished at all cost, for it will one day destroy the universe.


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